Tuesday, March 20, 2012

readysetGO! For some Schlafly.

We are hot off the heels of the IDES OF FRINGE (many thanks to The Fountain on Locust and all our wonderful artists, patrons, Beatle Bob and intrigued strangers for making it a well-enjoyed evening). 

And, we're kicking it into gear for the next thing.

If you were rained out, bed-ridden with illness, or just plain forgot - never fear.  We still love you.  Love you enough to throw another party for you.

Yep - the FRINGE FOLLY approaches April 1st, 6-8pm at the Schlafly Tap Room.  But that's not all...

Schlafly has given us an offer we can’t refuse.  Fringe Friends are challenged to “Operation: Fringe Recruits.”  

The rules are simple:
  1. Determine a team name.  Example: Team Hairy Banana Monster. 
  2. Recruit people to join Team Hairy Banana Monster. 
  3. When Hairy Banana Monsters arrive at FRINGE FOLLY, sign in at the door under team name. 
The team that gets the most attendees wins a special prize from Schlafly, one of our sponsors. 


a Fringelet from the 2012 season introduces her work at IDES OF FRINGE.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Ashleyliane Dance Company
Coty & Glen
The Goddessey Project
Howie Hirshfield
lilflo Productions
Lux Ascension
Midnight Company
Project: Wonder Meant
RS Theatrics
Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble
St Louis Taiko Drummers
STL Improv Anywhere
Tesseract Theatre
Tesseract’s Incredible Mischief Emporium
Undercover Undergrad
Washington Avenue Players Project (WAPP)
West End Players Guild


(re)discover theatre (Chicago)
BlackPoet Ventures (Phoenix)
Br. John (Kansas City)
Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical… (Philadelphia)
Clownvis Presley (Hollywood)
Core Project Chicago (Chicago)
Daniel Shar (Chicago)
Eric Warner (Chicago)
Lucky DeLuxe (Hollywood)
Victoria & Erin Roberts (Seattle)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beware the IDES OF FRINGE...and the FRINGE d' FRINGE.

So...not only are we pumped for tomorrow's IDES OF FRINGE party at the Fountain on Locust (featuring great food/drinks, especially the PLUM CRAZY ABOUT FRINGE cocktail; networking; updates from Fringe staff; sneak peeks at schwag; personal introductions from all thirty Fringe 2012 productions; and an open stage/mic)...

But we made headlines in the Beacon again.

Right on.


Two weeks ago, Billy and Em got chilly at FRIGID NYC, the Big Apple's winter-time Fringe Fest.

Not only did we get to enjoy no less than seven unique Fringe shows (including two new rock musicals, four one-actor shows, and a family of clowns)...

We volunteered, commuted like crazy, did NOT get lost as wayward midwesterners...

And, spent good quality time with the performers, Executive Director, and former Associate Director of Seattle Fringe.  In a communist bar.

What more can you ask for?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, the Spirit of Fringe is strong...not just in the Middle Western United States; not just in the United States in general. 

Fringe Fever.  World Wide.

Including...our fair friend city, Rome, Italy.

Rome is in the works of premiering their own Fringe Festival, and in an act of great support (as Fringe is so good) we have established a relationship as Sister Festivals.

Check them out.