Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fringe Storm Oct 2011

First Fringe Storm - an open fire, pabst, marshmellows, convo.  Great insights, great support.

Steve, having previosly coordinated a now highly respected event, has wonderful insights aso to foot work. Who will back you?  he asks. 

Joe, a previous Fringer himself, is curious about the acts.  Who will you draw, and who will help you? he wonders.

Robert, now working with a major arts organization, seems healthfully skeptical.  What is the festival, truly and succinctly? he speculates.

Good questions, and deeply considered moving forward.

Robert also points out another simultaneous Fringe effort STL!  Luckily, as I have worked with one of its lead coordinators previously, I am excited about the potential for complimentary efforts.

Many hoped to attend and were missed.  Hopefully, they will be able to come to future Fringe Storms, and we can delve all the more deeply into details.

Upcoming: meeting with potential site, and date determinations.

Until then, onward and upward with the questions, speculations, and fervor.

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