Thursday, December 22, 2011

word's on the street.

We have been getting lots of inquiries about applying to Fringe.  We're thinkin we're gonna fill up.  Fast.

Here's some words of wisdom for all our darling artists:

  St. Lou Fringe serves your art of choice.

Theatrical performers (actors, playwrites, directors, technicians), singers and musicians, Dancers, performance artists (movement, spoken word, slam), Vaudeville (circus, burlesque, mime, clowning), fashion and design, young audience performers, buskers/street performers...

Yeah. We want you.

 St. Lou Fringe proudly supports self-producing artists' growth and potential for success.  100% of ticket sales is returned to artists (60% to the performing artist 40% to supporting artists, such as designers).  Festival producers do not receive any royalties from future performances.

 St. Lou Fringe provides unbiased support to all self-producing artists.  In order to do so, STLF does not make any determinations based on content.  Selections are entirely uncensored and unjuried.  Productions are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applications must be filled out correctly and completely to be considered.

 Performance submissions must follow these guidelines:
  • Performances no longer than 50 minutes
  • Tech that can be reasonably accommodated
  • Production fees, if any, (royalties, AEA performance contracts, etc) are the personal cost of the producing artist
  • Applications accepted no earlier than January 15 at 12:00am and no later than March 15, 2012

 How it works:
  1. You apply. You don't even have to know for sure what your show is...just that you're going to commit to doing one. The first 30 applications are accepted (20 from local artists, 10 from out-of-towners).
  2. You decide how many shows:
    • 2 shows for $85
    • 3 shows for $115
    • 4 shows for $150
    • Production cost due within five days of your official notice of acceptance into the festival.
  1. You do your thang, and walk away with 60% of ticket sales at the door.

What does your production fee get you?
  • Festival branding and marketing/publicity
  • Performance space, including tech, for 2-4 performances over a four day period
  • Professional staff, house managers, and technicians
  • Additional benefits for participating productions (discounted access to other productions, invites to private parties and events, etc)
  • 60% of door ticket sales

Performance space is assigned based on technical needs, and lottery if necessary.

Special needs and accommodations will be considered, are addressed professionally, and may be discussed with Festival staff at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I'm not one of the first 30?
We have a wait list that artists are placed on in order in which application is received. If another production pulls out, violates STLF policy/regulations, or is otherwise ineligible to perform, then the first artist on the wait list will be notified.

Also, entries that are not one of the first 30 are eligible for Fringe d' Fringe performances! If it will work for your production, we're happy to help coordinate for you to do a single performance at a side venue within the greater Midtown area. We also will have busking on the festival grounds – if you can do your piece on the street, feel free to take it there.

I can't pay the production cost up front.
For a very limited number of productions, we can arrange payment plans. Remember, though, that production costs are what's used to ensure that your venue is well equipped, that marketing is solid, and that everything is set in place for you so that you can do your show worry-free.

How many people will see my show?
STLF will market the festival and get people on the grounds. It's up to you to market your production! Feel free to make fliers and posters, send out invites, and talk yourself up. We'll provide you with a STLF logo and a spot on our website.

Wait, it's a five day festival...why are there only four performance dates?
The fifth day of the festival is our HANGOVER DAY. After a whirlwind of art and madness, we will cap it off with...more art and madness. Abridged fan favorite productions, parodies, and festivities galore will bring us to a close for the season, and launch us towards a Year of Fringe in StL.

More questions? Bug us all you like: or 314-643-7853(STLF).

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