Monday, February 27, 2012

Deck the Fringe

Officially moving into our new digs at 3141 LOCUST, right where we wanna be - on the cusp of both Grand Center and the Locust Business District. 

Yep, our space is pretty much perfect.  A cavernous hall, evocative of dwarfish mines, with ample space for work, box office, and eventually workshops/productions.  Plus great roommates.  All it needs is a little love.

FRINGE is seeking items to warm up our new cave.  These can be on loan or bequeathed upon us.  We could really use:
  • RUGS/CURTAINS.  Our cave is quite echoey.
  • Office equipment (filing cabinets, desks, etc)
  • Chairs (from standard folding to airchairs - all are welcome)
  • Lamps (cave is dark)
Please drop us a line at if you have something we can take off your hands.  We're happy to pick stuff up - or, come drop it off and visit us, too.

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